Stephen Keller

Motion and Interaction designer

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I’m a designer and artist from Brazil currently based in Montreal, Canada.

︎ +1 (438) 937-5651

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Dark Side of the Moon

  Made as a header for Cast Software’s wysiwyg Educational Program main page. The idea was to have a stage with lights hidden in the dark side of the moon (a nod to Pink Floyd’s tours lighting design. Especially Pulse. Something many aspiring lighting designers would like to create).
  Built using BabylonJS.


Strange Attractor

    A strange attractor plotter written in standard java script.

Run It

8 Step Sequencer

  Step sequencer written in java script and using the Flocking audio synthesis framework. It offers the option to trigger the sequencer gate on and off and type in the desired MIDI note number. The Bass Mode toggle switch changes between Saw and Square waveforms.


MIDI Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator

    Step sequencer and arpeggiator written for Arduino. The Arduino interfaces with the synthesizer via MIDI. MIDI protocol implementation for Arduino from the Arduino Cookbook.
    The step sequencer code works with two arrays of the same length: one contains the MIDI note information and the other the note duration (quarter, eighth, etc.). The arpeggiator uses a MIDI note as the chord root and then an integer passed when calling the arpeggiator funcion determines the chord type (minor, major, augmented, etc.).

Code (Arpeggiator)
Code (Sequencer)