Stephen Keller

Motion and Interaction designer

Moving Media
Static Media
New Media
I’m a designer and artist from Brazil currently based in Toronto, Canada.

︎ +1 (647) 677 8081

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     (under construction) I’m a designer and artist from Brazil, currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

    ︎ +1 (647) 677 8081


    2014-2015, OCAD, Digital Futures Graduate Diploma
    2013, OCAD Continuing Education
        Conceptual Photography
The Art of Type

    2012, MAM Continuing Education
        Authorial Photography
Photography and Literature
Photography Symbology

    2010-2011, fxPHD
    2006-2009, UNASP, Bachelor of Advertising

Work Experience
    2016 - , Advantis Communications, Motion Designer/Editor & Data Analyst
    2015 - 2017, OCAD VAL Lab, Research Assistant
    2010 - , Freelance Motion Graphic Designer
    2011, Hope Channel
    2010-2011, Hope Channel India

Academic and Artistic Experience
    2017, DataBlocks - A Tangible Interface for Data Visualization
         ISEA2017. Design Case Live Demo. Manizales, Colombia
    2016, Manipulating Tabletop Objects to Interactively Query a Database
            ACM CHI EA’16. Multi-Author Paper. San Jose, USA
    2015, A tangible user interface for interactive data visualization
            CASCON’15. Multi-Author Paper. Toronto, ON

    2015, B3D, Toronto, ON
    2015, Come Eat with Us, Toronto, ON
    2014, Concepts. Contact Photography Festival, Toronto, ON
    2013, Intereferências do Olhar, Socorro, Brazil